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We've found our least favorite thing about the fall: the end of Big Brother

We don't know what it is about a bunch of randos living in a house and partaking in challenges that look like they're set in a Pixar movie, but it both distresses and delights us every single summer. 

This summer was no different, with the twin twist, tons of backstabbing, and more crying than we could have ever wanted or needed (looking at you, Vanessa). 

In the end, only one could walk away with the half a million dollars, and it was a person we never could have guessed when the season first started. 

Congratulations to...

Steve Moses! 

Big Brother


The 22 year-old engineering student first seemed like he was a lock for an early exit from the Big Brother house. He constantly appeared to talk to himself and beat himself up for anything he did, and nearly lost it after his first gig as HOH when he eliminated Jackie. 

However, as the season went on, he started to form more alliances and make some even bigger moves, and slowly a win actually started to look possible. 

Even Steve himself said that he was not expecting this, and had no plans whatsoever for his prize money. 

Steve won 6 votes to 3 votes against Liz, who also walks away with a prize of $50,000. Julie also awarded James with the much-deserved fan favorite prize, though we would have also been happy to see it go to Johnny Mac, Jason, or Meg. 

Meanwhile, Shelli reunited with Clay, Austin admitted that Judas was really just Austin in a top hat, and Vanessa continued to be incredibly annoying, even if we will admit she played a pretty good game. 

It's been fun, Big Brother. See you next summer! 

Did the right houseguest win? Sound off in the comments! 

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