Britney Spears Pranks Three Bodyguards With Joe Jonas and Neil Patrick Harris' Help on Best Time Ever—Watch!

Hidden cameras capture the security guards trying to impress the pop singer

By Zach Johnson Sep 23, 2015 1:26 PMTags

Britney Spears is in on the joke.

The pop princess appeared on NBC's Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris Tuesday, and with the help of Joe Jonas and host Neil Patrick Harris, Spears pranked three prospective bodyguards. For the " Voices in Your Head" segment, hidden cameras captured the "Pretty Girls" singer meeting with the security guards as she took instructions from Jonas and Harris via a hidden earpiece.

Andrew Opal was the first to arrive, and Spears did as she was told when she introduced herself, saying, "Hi, I'm the one and only Britney Spears." Later, when Keith Manning entered the room, Spears quoted her iconic line from 2008's "Gimme More," saying, "Hi! It's Britney, bitch!" To Harris' surprise, she went rogue and acted scatterbrained during her interview with Manning. When she met the final applicant, Wesley Patterson, Spears juggled two water bottles and said, " I hear I'm supposed to hire you. Why?"

"I've worked in the worst security situations," Patterson said.

"So, you're like a superhero?" Jonas asked Spears to ask.

"Like Batman!" Harris added, which Spears repeated to Patterson.

"Exactly," Patterson said.

"Or Scooby-Do," Jonas said, which Spears repeated with an animated flourish.


Next, Spears tested Opal's abilities by making him find something she had hidden inside Axis at Planet Hollywood, where her Piece of Me show takes place. "It's something kind of dangerous," she said. "I want you to find it." But, as Harris revealed to Jonas, "Britney has no idea what was hidden in the seats."

Spears next appeared on stage with Patterson. "Can you be close to me at all times without anyone noticing?" she asked. Patterson said he could, prompting Spears to ask, "Even when I'm doing this?" As dancers surrounded her from all sides, Patterson attempted to blend in by dancing with them. Patterson claimed he was "very inconspicuous," but his actions said otherwise. Spears danced around Manning, who at one point told her, "You're full of surprises, you know that?"

Oh, she knows that, all right.

Best Time Ever returns in a new time slot Tuesday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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