Broad City, Yom Kippur

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Tonight at sunset marks the beginning of Yom Kippur, considered the holiest day of the year for the Jewish people and the end of the 10 High Holy Days marking the Jewish new year, and Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson understand how hungry those who choose to observe the traditional fast are going to get before sundown tomorrow.

They've been there.

In the first episode of the new digital series Hack Into Broad City, first obtained by, the Broad City stars are FaceTiming on Yom Kippur and they've got four hours till their break-the-fast feast. Or breakfast sandwiches.

"We can do this, we carbo-loaded last night. Let's go!" Abbi insists in the main screen, as an obviously distressed Ilana withers away in the foreground, both of them lying in bed to conserve their energy.

"I don't get Yom Kippur, it sucks," Ilana groans. Abbi agrees, adding, "It's like, how is me waiting till the sun sets to eat this bacon-egg-and-cheese going to cancel out the time I laughed in that hot dude's face about his weird-shaped nipples mid-coitus...It's not!"

"I am starving!" they say in unison, to which Ilana quips, "Jinx."

Day of Atonement, Broad City-style.

Memo to those who plan on embarking on the fast starting Tuesday at sunset—probably not a great idea to actually have your tantalizing breakfast sandwich sitting right there next to you while you're complaining about being hungry. Best to just take a walk or read a book.

Also, definitely watch Abbi and Ilana discuss the sort of topics that aren't mentioned aloud at synagogue—but before you watch, guess who sneaks food first! (They always have next year to repent for that.)

Here are more Yom Kippur well-wishes (and jokes probably meant to distract from imminent hunger) making the rounds—and happy new year to all who celebrate!

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