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Another week, another slew of magazine covers about that Brangelina-Jen thing. Why does the media keep harping on it? I'm bored.
—Alina, New York

No, you're not. How do I know? Because readers like you cannot stop buying magazines with BrangelAniston on the cover. Jennifer Aniston, that poor, dumped cheerleader, was the top-selling cover face of the first half of 2007, according to Forbes. And since then she has continued to make the media plenty of cash every time she opens her reedy little nonexistent lips.

"Jennifer Aniston's first tell-all, after her divorce, remains Vanity Fair's best-selling issue ever," says Matt Donnelly, a wayward B!tchling of mine who has since fled to the website And according to former Life & Style editor Mark Pasetsky, now the head of, "This story is still a solid sell for celebrity weeklies."

As for what stygian force continues to pin us to this story, it should be obvious...

It's the three players themselves. Three years after Angelina Jolie absolutely did not steal Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston by getting naked on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, those three are still feeding the media rich little nuggets about the breakup. That remark that Aniston made? Something about Angelina being "uncool" something something something? She made that pretty much the other day—just as her new movie was set to hit theaters for a holiday release, I might add.

"It's the story that keeps on giving," Pasetsky says. "If any of them appeared together in public, even if Jen and Brad had appeared together at an Industry event, this story would be dead."

As is this story. Next question!

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