Oops! Game of Thrones Writer D.B. Weiss Excitedly Says ''S--t'' on Live Television at the 2015 Emmys: Watch Now!

Author dropped the first expletive of the evening

By Alyssa Toomey Sep 21, 2015 3:13 AMTags

And we almost made it. 

While accepting the award for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series for Game of Thrones, writer D.B. Weiss apparently forgot that the rules of live television are slightly different than those for HBO. 

Yes, he dropped an expletive. 

"George Martin, happy birthday, sir, and thank you for inviting us all into your dream," writer David Benioff, who also took home the honor, began by addressing the audience. "To HBO...thank you for taking a chance on two schmucks with no experience." 

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Lester Cohen/WireImage

"Oh wow. When people say they don't plan things, I always thought they were full of s--t," Weiss added as the audience erupted into laughter. 

"Oh! Our amazing cast and crew," he continued while Benioff flashed the perfect "you're in trouble" type face. 

The two then thanked their families and their "beautiful wives" (Benioff is married to Amanda Peet) before heading offstage, Emmys in hand. 

Way to spice things up, you two! 

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