Miss America Betty Cantrell Reflects on Vanessa Williams' Apology: ''We Have Her Back as a Miss America Sister''

''I'm honored that she believed in me enough to give me this title,'' the 21-year-old beauty queen said of Williams

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Miss America Betty Cantrell has Vanessa Williams' back. 

More than three decades after the 52-year-old stunner resigned from her title as Miss America following a nude photo scandal, the actress received an apology from the CEO of the organization during the pageant over the weekend—and Cantrell couldn't be happier for singer, who took home the crown in 1984. 

"We have her back as a Miss America sister, and we were all so thrilled and so happy to welcome her back into the sisterhood and have her as a judge…I think that that was incredible," Cantrell told E! News on Thursday. "Her song was beautiful, she rocked it. She looks incredible, just like all the former Miss Americas or forever Miss Americas and I'm honored that she believed in me enough to give me this title."

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During her chat with E! News, the Georgia stunner also reflected on her response to her Deflategate question (she was asked if Tom Brady cheated), for which she has been widely criticized.

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 "I am not a football person! I'm a theatre person, I'm a Broadway person, ask me about that and I'll tell you all about it," she admitted, when asked if she would change her response. "But you know, they did ask me about football and it threw me off, and maybe if I did go back and research the issues some more, there could be a change of opinion—I'm really not sure." 

She added that she would "rather leave that question up to the football fans" and "stick to what I know."

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The 21-year-old stunner also opened up about her platform and said it's "so much more than just healthy eating."

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 "While I was getting ready to compete in the Miss Georgia pageant, my parents decided they were going to be getting a divorce. And it hit me in a deeply personal place in my heart….and I decided to take that and integrate it into my platform because the mind and body go hand in hand," she shared, "I realized that the struggles of my parents' divorce made me a stronger, more independent woman and I decided to incorporate that into my platform and make it Healthy Children, Strong America for healthy minds and healthy bodies." 

Press play for more on Cantrell's platform and how she hopes to "spread a message of strength"!  

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