Michelle Rodriguez Shares New Details About the Next Fast & Furious and How Paul Walker Will Influence It—Watch!

Actress opens up about new installment

By Kendall Fisher Sep 17, 2015 9:40 PMTags
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It's only been five months since the release of the last installment, but Michelle Rodriguez is ready to get going on the next Fast & Furious movie!

E! News caught up with the 37-year-old actress at the Harper's Bazaar Icon Party in New York City, and she dished some brand new details about the upcoming project, including when they plan to start filming.

"Next summer!" she told us with excitement. "Yeah, we're trying to round up the troops."

The eighth installment of the franchise will be bittersweet without Paul Walker, but Rodriguez says this is the perfect way to help cope with losing him.

Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

"We need a good reason to move on after Paul," she explained. "And being that this is a global franchise now, it's not just the American baby, it's important that we consider moving on and take it seriously."

She continues, "But for us as a cast, I think we need a reason and it needs to have heart, so hopefully we'll find it, you know? And somebody who's passionate about directing it—I think that's the most important thing is finding a good director."

As for where they hope to film? "We were looking at New York, and I think the studio was open to that so keep fingers crossed!" Rodriguez says with a smile. "It'll be my first movie at home since Girl Fight!"

Vin Diesel has also chatted a bit about the Fast 8, which he's nicknamed "F8" aka "fate."

"Paul used to say that 8 was guaranteed and, in some ways, when your brother guarantees something, you have to make sure it comes to pass," Diesel said backstage at the MTV Movie Awards. "So, if fate has it — fate, F8 — then you'll get it. Furious 7 was for Paul;8 is from Paul."

The film is still in pre-production but is set for release in April 2017.