The New Steve Jobs Trailer Is Here: We've Never Been This Excited About a Computer

Go Michael Fassbender, go!

By Seija Rankin Sep 17, 2015 5:15 PMTags

We present to you the new Steve Jobs trailer, the hottest thing to hit technology since the Apple Pencil!

Luckily, gadget fans won't have to pay $99 to enjoy this release. This morning the third trailer for the highly-anticipated Aaron Sorkin flick hit the Internet, and it's every bit as explosive as the first two versions. A shockingly transformed Michael Fassbender? Check. Clashing personalities and office blowups? Check. Seth Rogen kicking ass in a dramatic role? Check. Oh, and the most important thing, turtlenecks aplenty? Check mate.

This time around we get to see a whole lot of the film's amazing cast of supporting characters—Kate Winslet as Joanna Hoffman, one of the original members of the Macintosh team, and Jeff Daniels as former Apple CEO John Sculley in particular. Oh, and who can forget relative newbie Katherine Waterston as an amazingly harsh Chrisann Brennan (aka the mother of Jobs' first daughter). We don't need to remind people about the likely upcoming Oscar whispers here.

But perhaps the thing we're most jazzed about is just how, well, jazzed we are for this movie. Through the magic of Sorkin and director Danny Boyle we're actually fired up about computers. We're as on edge about Michael Fassbender playing a huge nerd as we are about Jake Gyllenhaal trying to climb Everest. Making super-ancient computers exciting is no easy feat.

Of course we'll have to wait until Oct. 9, when Steve Jobs hits theaters, to see if the full-length feature lives up to the trailer hype, but for now we're just going to marvel in the sheer behind-the-scenes drama that was the making of Apple. Oh, and Seth Rogen's insane beard—that deserves an Academy Award category of its own.