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Don't hate me, but that headline up there is basically a sick and twisted ploy to get you to read this story...And according to the New York Times, it is accurate, because Daisies is in the exact same boat as Lipstick Jungle, which received a "Lipstick Jungle Lives!" headline yesterday.

Like Lipstick, Daisies is not canceled. Yet. But also...not picked up for a full season either. And tonight may be your last chance to help save it.

Whether you are a die-hard fan or have never seen it, please, please, watch ABC's unique and truly engaging series Pushing Daisies tonight at 8 on ABC, and tell your friends to tune in, too. (Send them the link to this story.)

You may be asking: Why? What's the rush? And is tonight's episode really worth it?

I'm still hearing from sources that this week's and next week's ratings for Daisies will be absolutely critical in determining the series' fate. ABC is hoping to see upward movement in the postelection viewing public, and if the higher-ups don't see any, Charlotte Charles and our other Coeur d'Coeurs friends may have breathed their last breaths.

Pushing Daisies


The good news? Tonight's episode, in which Ned (Lee Pace) connects with the brothers he only recently learned he had, is one of the most entertaining hours of television you'll see all season long. Called "Oh, Oh, Oh, It's Magic," it includes guest star Fred Willard, who is funny, as always, and even the scenes without him (especially in the first half of the episode) are so smartly written and hilariously delivered, I defy you to not laugh out loud at least once.

Not to mention, the end of the episode—which involves a "magic trick" Ned presents to Chuck (Anna Friel)—is an emotional heart-stopper that will send your pulse racing. (Hard scientific proof: I first watched this episode while on the treadmill and had to step off because my prego-heart-rate monitor jumped off the charts in the final moments.)

So please, have a heart. And if you're a fan of good, creative, scripted television (which is in jeopardy) send a message to the network execs by tuning in tonight and showing them there is an audience for truly original TV and not just for cheap, sensational reality tricks or a regurgitation of some old idea. (Speaking of, did I mention someone regurgitates a kitten tonight?)

And while you're at it, why not DVR tonight's ep on a separate TV just for good measure? Or reach out to any friends who might be Nielsen's families? As Earl Hickey says, "Do good things and good things will happen."

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