Another McDonald's Bummer: The McRib Is Coming Back, But There's a Tragic Downside

Fast food company announced that not all locations would serve the iconic sandwich

By Jenna Mullins Sep 15, 2015 6:18 PMTags
McDonald's McRibDavid Paul Morris/Getty Images

Maybe McDonald's should change its name to the Chicago Cubs, because it keeps breaking hearts left and right.

We celebrated the fact that McDonald's was finally going forward with all-day breakfast, only to be brought back down to earth when we realized that it would be a limited menu. And then we realized that the McRib is coming back, but unfortunately, there's yet another catch that the fast food chain has for us.

This roller coaster of emotions must be stopped! We want to get off this ride!

CNBC is reporting that locations were just given the option of selling the iconic McRib sandwich, and it seems that this year a staggering amount of restaurants opted out.

In fact, the McRib is now so elusive that you probably had no idea it was back on the menu already, and that's because so few locations are actually selling it. In fact, according to CNBC, only 8,000 of the 14,350 McDonald's in the U.S. will sell the McRib. That's 75 percent less than last year!


Obviously, this is taking the wind out of the sails of McRib fans. However, a national hero started a website called the McRib Locater that will help you find the nearest McDonald's that has the sandwich for sale.

However, if you use it, you might get a punch in the gut. For example, we put in our Los Angeles zip code and discovered that the closest place selling a McRib was over 300 miles away from us. So please forgive any typos from here on out as the keyboard is slick with our tears.

Gone are the days when the return of the limited-time-only McRib was met with parades in the streets, a speech from the current president of the United States and a fireworks display at every McDonald's location in the world.*

Now, we must make peace with the fact that this year, it's very unlikely we will have a McRib in our mouth. Please respect our privacy during this difficult time.

(*that never happened)

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