See Inside Caitlyn Jenner's "Soft and Feminine" Malibu Home

I Am Cait star takes Architectural Digest around her house

By Francesca Bacardi Sep 14, 2015 7:50 PMTags
Caitlyn Jenner, Architectural DigestPhotography by Rick Steil/Courtesy of Lori Margolis Interiors/Architectural Digest

You've seen brief glimpses of Caitlyn Jenner's gorgeous Malibu, Calif., home on I Am Cait, but now you can check it out up close in all of its "soft and feminine" glory.

The reality TV star renovated her ocean-view home's bedroom and living room with the help of New York designer Lori Margolis, who opened up to Architectural Digest about Caitlyn's domestic project. This would be Caitlyn's very first design project, so she wanted it to turn out perfectly.

"Caitlyn always lived in beautiful houses, but designing them was Kris Jenner's domain—Caitlyn wasn't really involved," Lawson explained. "This time, she really wanted to put her personal stamp on the house."

Photography by Rick Steil/Courtesy of Lori Margolis Interiors/Architectural Digest

But like anyone else who undertakes such a massive project, she became a bit overwhelmed. "I had no idea where to start," Caitlyn confessed on a recent episode of her E! series. Once she figured out her style and taste, Caitlyn picked out a few items that helped launch her home's motif.

"Caitlyn has been making so many physical and emotional changes in the past year. She wanted her home to reflect not just her sense of style but her journey. She wanted something soft and feminine but also something that has strength," Margolis explained.

Photography by Rick Steil/Courtesy of Lori Margolis Interiors/Architectural Digest

Caitlyn's favorite piece is a Homenature sofa that she had custom made to fit her tall stature—and to fit as many of her family members as possible, of course. She also had a pair of lounge chairs custom made for the same reason. Caitlyn told the magazine that her home's new look perfectly represents her own transition.

"I think what this transition has done for me is that for the first time in my life I am able to express myself," Caitlyn told Architectural Digest.

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