How Being a Mom Has Altered Jessica Biel's Latest Business Plan: ''It's Changed Everything''

E! News caught up with the actress over the weekend at Amazon Video's Tumble Leaf Family Fun Day

By Alyssa Toomey Sep 14, 2015 4:18 PMTags
Jessica Biel Chris Weeks/Getty Images for Amazon

While Jessica Biel's main focus is certainly on being a mom to 5-month-old son Silas, the new parent is also busy with her latest business venture: kid-friendly restaurant and community club Au Fudge. 

Ahead of the restaurant's upcoming opening, the 33-year-old stunner, along with business partners Estee StanleyMonica Weinberg and Kimberly Muller hosted Amazon Video's Tumble Leaf Family Fun Day at Stanley's home, which featured kid-friendly activities such as face-painting, gardening and a fancy photo booth as well as tasty food such as grilled cheese, french toast sticks, watermelon slices and delicious Nutella pancakes. 

Biel looked absolutely radiant in a 2nd Skin Co. dress that highlighted her impeccable post baby figure and was all smiles while chatting with friends. She also took a moment to catch up with E! News and revealed how being a mom has changed her latest business plan. 

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Chris Weeks/Getty Images for Amazon

"I definitely do [have a new perspective]. When we started talking about this, I didn't have kids and so when they would say to me, 'We need a place where we can go and have great food and feel confident where that food is coming from and a place where my kids have fun. This is missing.' And I'm thinking, 'Sure I guess, I'll come hang out,'" she explained. "We're always trying to find a place where I could join them, where friends who didn't have kids could join them, and I didn't get it.


She continued, "I wanted them to be happy and I knew that they needed a break of course, but I didn't have any real understanding of how important it would be to find a place and create a space where a family can come and your kid can be happy doing something and you can be really happy doing something else. Or you can be experiencing it together." 

However, the April birth of her first child with husband Justin Timberlake gave Biel an entirely new perspective. 

PHOTO: Jessica Biel flaunts baby bump as she promotes kid-friendly restaurant


"So that has been a real eye-opening experience for sure, I mean the whole project is different because I understand now how important it is," she explained. "And how sort of a missing link it is in the marketplace for moms and for families and for dads. There are just very few options where you can go and really feel like you're trusting the food and you have a good time and it's beautiful and you feel really excited to go instead of like 'Oh I guess I have to go to only one of two options that I have on a Sunday with my family where the table next door isn't going to be annoyed because my kids sitting here.' So it's changed everything, really." 

According to Stanley, Au Fudge is scheduled to open "very soon, sometime in the near holiday," and while it has been dubbed a "Soho House for kids," Stanley clarified that "there is a membership component but it is open to the public." 

As for the layout? 

"There's a marketplace, two dining areas…and then there's a whole kids creative space," Stanley said, adding, "We want to do what Whole Foods did for supermarkets." 

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