Joaquin Phoenix Starts Shooting...a Documentary

The actor, who's now pursuing a music career, stepped out in Hollywood

By Whitney English Nov 19, 2008 1:30 AMTags

Joaquin Phoenix announced he's retiring from acting, but the Walk the Line star isn't ending his relationship with the camera just yet.

A source tells E! News that Phoenix and his crew showed up around midnight at Hollywood hot spot Bardot Monday night toting a video camera. "We were told he was filming a documentary of his transition from acting to music," said our source.

Apparently, they were shooting scenes of Phoenix and his pals having a night on the town. "They sat in the lounge and were friendly towards guests," said the source. "Whatever they shot just was him hanging out."

But the mellow night wasn't without a little drama. "He was told he wasn't allowed to film at Bardot," said the source. "They shot anyway."

Joaquin's brother-in-law Casey Affleck was also in attendance. In October, Phoenix announced he was done acting, and Affleck confirmed this to E! News, "Yeah, I guess he's getting into music. He's putting out an album."

In regards to filming a documentary, Phoenix's rep Sue Patricola told E! "I heard he was. I haven't talked to him."