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Now here's a war you'll want to be a part of: The writer's rooms of The Mindy Project and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt are currently embroiled in a heated competition—over who can send the best gifts to each other. So far, their weapons of choice have been massages, puppies, and a cappella serenades. Um, who can sign us up? Either side works!

E! News spent the morning on The Mindy Project set, where executive producers Mindy Kaling and Matt Warburton explained the origins of their conflict.

"About a month ago [Unbreakable showrunners] Tina Fey and Rob Carlock had sent over to our writers some massages," Kaling reveals, "because they knew we had 26 episodes and it was just a really nice thing. Obviously Tina and Rob know better than anyone else what that kind of a schedule is like, to do that many episodes."

In return, the Mindy crew sent their New York-based buddies a puppy party. "I hope the puppies were good," Kaling cracks. "I saw photos from it and I was like, 'I hope those are puppies and not just small old dogs, so we'll see.'"

The UKS response? To send the SoCal VoCals, one of the University of Southern California's a cappella group, to the Mindy writer's room to perform renditions of both shows' theme songs "while sheepishly giving us the finger," Kaling posted along with a video of the performance on Instagram.

Yes, it's officially on. "The burden is now on us to do something nice back," Warburton says, but they're a little at a loss as to what to do next. "We have a war room working on this question. What happens in New York? They're on the other side of the country, so we have to investigate what are cool New York things to give them that they wouldn't have thought of. But they really upped the ante this time."

Kaling might have already resigned herself to defeat. "I think we might just have to bow out at this point and just send them a food truck or something, because I think that was such a fun gift," she says.

One note: Just don't call the friendly competition a prank war—it's a gift war, thank you very much. "I hate pranks," Warburton says. "I think pranks are annoying, especially in a work context where you're like, 'Come on, man, just trying to do my job.' So we're having the nice version of that, where we give each other nice presents."

The Mindy Project season four premieres Tuesday, Sept. 15 on Hulu. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt returns to Netflix in 2016.

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