Under the Dome

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We're so sorry, Under the Dome

It's been a while since we watched you, and thus tonight's series finale was fairly confusing for us to watch, and by that we mean we didn't understand the first half an hour. 

We were then totally trilled when the Kinship storyline was resolved (or at least we thought it was) with a lot of talk of kings and queens and those dang pink stars. Both Sam and Junior were killed in the process of bringing the dome down, since they were beyond brainwashed by aliens. 

The dome did end up coming down, partly thanks to Joe's not-really-a sacrifice and a bunch of purplish light, but that didn't mean the trouble was over. 

First of all, the military were all over the dome people as soon as they were free, working hard to make sure they all understood the new story they were all to learn, since the true story about body-snatching aliens and pink stars was just not going to fly with the general population. 

The survivors were all given some BS tale about science experiments gone wrong, and most of them eventually agreed to tell it. While most of the former residents of Chester's Mill were reluctantly willing to sign, Big Jim wasn't about to give up without negotiating some terms. 

Cut to a a year later, and he's a Congressman, of course.

Meanwhile, Barbie and Julia are having a great dome-free time riding a motorcycle across the country and getting engaged, until Jim shows up with some bad news: Dawn, the Kinship leader, is still alive! 

She's also on the hunt for a new egg, and with the help of some poor unsuspecting children, she finds one. Dun dun dun...

We're just going to imagine that Big Jim and co. manage to find her, kill her again, and destroy that egg, and then they all live happily ever after without ever having to see another dome as long as they live, because we're optimists, and that dome was a true nightmare in more ways than one.

What did you think? Vote in the poll below, and then head to the comments to discuss! 

Under the Dome Series Finale
What did you think of Under the Dome's series finale?

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