Fred Armisen Causes Trouble With Celebrities While Casting a Commercial—Watch the Hilarious Video!

Project advertises Absolut Elyx's partnership with nonprofit Water for People

By Francesca Bacardi Sep 09, 2015 3:00 PMTags

Casting any kind of project is probably pretty tough. You have to find the exact person who will best fit the role, so it's no wonder Fred Armisen had a little trouble finding the perfect person for a commercial highlighting the five-year partnership between Absolut Elyx and nonprofit Water for People.

Like any casting director, Armisen holds auditions to fill the role, but he doesn't have the gumption to tell people "no." Instead, he hires everyone for the one-person job.

Included in the tryouts are Tracee Ellis Ross, Taylor Kitsch and more celebrities. Miles Teller even gives it the old college try when he gives it a go via Skype. Even though some of the stars didn't get a chance to review the script beforehand, the Portlandia star gives them the seal of approval.

Kitsch, who reads off of a cue card, seems worried his reading would get in the way of any chances he had for the role. Little did he know he would be meeting with the casting director of his dreams.

Absolut Elyx

"When we actually shoot this your eyes will be down on a card, but we'll CGI in eyes looking up," Armisen informs him. "You already have the job, by the way."

Arrested Development actress Alia Shawkwat is also promised the role, despite approximately three others before her being assured the same thing. But Armisen's antics can't last forever. After promising George Wallace the opportunity to head up the commercial, Armisen was caught by Wallace's agent promising it to other stars, including Aimee Mann and Natasha Lyonne.

"You cannot do this," Wallace's agent warns. "We can sue you."

Overwhelmed by the confrontation, Armisen gives up on the whole project.

"This is all too heavy for me," he admits. "It's better for me if I don't do things."

Watch the video to find out who finally nabbed the role and to learn all about Water for People's work!