Galway, Ireland

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Every traveler looks for different things in a city. Some want exciting nightlife and the hottest restaurants. Others want to kick back with a good book and forget that the rest of the world exists. But most people can agree that what they'd really like is a city where the locals aren't going to shun you for asking where the nearest Starbucks is. 

Which is why having a list of the friendliest cities in the world is a very handy thing. You could go to Paris and feel like a complete idiot for not knowing the French word for skim milk, or you could go to a place where someone will save you from your Google Maps misery and guide you right to the best bar in town. As such, Travel + Leisure just released its annual list of the best places to kick it with the locals.

The votes are tabulated from input straight from readers (and travelers) themselves, so tourists can be rest assured that it's not just science or math making the decision. (Who wants numbers?) And now without further ado, the world's friendliest city is...

Galway, Ireland.

We know what you're thinking...where? For those who aren't familiar with the geography of England's sister to the west, Galway is a small (but quaint!) town on the west coast of the country. According to T+L, its "festive nature, lively population and musicality" won it the top spot. That's right, when you go to the friendliest city in the world, you get pubs and plazas full of banjo players. It's like hanging out with a town full of Mumford and Sons! Now that's friendly.

Following behind Galway, in order, are Charleston, South Carolina; Dublin, Ireland; Cork, Ireland; Siem Reap, Cambodia; Auckland, New Zealand; Melbourne, Australia; Sydney, Australia; Edinburgh, Scotland and Savannah Georgia. It may seem surprising that so many of the top ten are in Ireland, but when you think about all the Guinness they have available, it's hard not to be happy.

Head over to Travel + Leisure to read the rest of the list.

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