Harry Styles, you're the cutest!

A One Direction fan at a recent Philadelphia show has discovered the perfect way to get the hunky boy-bander's attention: hold up a misspelled sign and wait for him to pick you out of the crowd.

That's what happened to a Directioner who got some notes from Harry on her "Hi Harry! Your so nice" art.

Upon seeing her sign, Harry signaled to the fan, somehow procured a marker, and fixed the grammatical error by adding an apostrophe and an "E."

Those contractions and possessive adjectives can be a doozy, folks!

Quick back-to-school time lesson: "You're" is a contraction of "you are." You know, like: "You're doing this correctly now that Harry has given you a tutoring session. He's your hero, isn't he?" Like that. You're welcome.

As for whether the 21-year-old singer plans to use One Direction's upcoming hiatus as an excuse to get into teaching, we don't know.

But we're pretty sure his fans would be happy for more one-on-one tutoring sessions. Hope you're ready, Harry!

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