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Adam Taylor/FOX

We all know what Lisa Edelstein's lips have been up to lately...playing tonsil hockey with Hugh Laurie. Mmmhmm!

But she took a break from that onscreen kissy-facing (and awesome TV-making) to sit down with me and chat about the future of House and Cuddy, next week's scary-sounding hostage sitch and how a baby could still be on the way...

Love à la House: Could House and Cuddy finally be getting together? "You will not see a relationship that would be anything un-Houseian. Nothing ever moves in a straight line on House." And we wouldn't expect otherwise!

Lisa said of the twosome's long-term romantic prospects: "They are both somewhat incapable of having a relationship, which makes them perfect for each other, but not really, because they can't have a relationship with anybody. They should try, so we'll see. You can't really have House fall in love—you can't really do that to the show."

Any Upcoming Nooky? "There's some fondling coming up," teased Lisa. Holler for some action! Maybe sex? "I'm not telling you." Fair, but there will be more to their lovin', added Lisa, "There's a moment where you almost think there's a maturing to the relationship, and then there's a total reversal, because it's House."

Baby on the Way: Cuddy may get her baby after all. "The baby storyline continues," Lisa told me. "I don't want to tell you anything particular, but that doesn't go away. I've definitely had an opportunity to work hard and to explore some things about my character between now and episode 13," currently in production. Lisa added, "It's been pretty interesting, so I hope people won't be disappointed."

Wood Harris, Linda Edelstein, House

Adam Taylor/FOX

Hostage Situation: Next week Zeljko Ivanek (Damages) will be in the running for another Emmy nod when he takes House, Thirteen (Olivia Wilde) and some hospital patients hostage. Lisa teased, "They happen to be in my office, so I'm trying to make sure everybody stays alive." And she seems to be most interested in the survival of one very crabby diagnostician extraordinaire. So much so that the hostage negotiator notices and calls her on it. D'oh.

Lucky Number Thirteen: Do we lose Thirteen in this ep? Lisa said, "[The story is] really about whether or not you want to live, and I think Thirteen really faces that moment in her life in this coming episode." Lisa also teased that there's going to be "a little bit of heat going on between Foreman (Omar Epps) and Thirteen."

We sorta saw that coming, right?

Would you like the pairing? Post you take in the comments! And I just know you have opinions on Huddy and the hostage situation...

Then tune in to House tonight at 8 on Fox, when Foreman takes on a case of his own and things don't go so smoothly.

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