Vampire baby alert? 

There was one big question on everyone's minds when Candice King announced her pregnancy on Monday: Will it be written into the show? 

At first, that seemed impossible. In the Vampire Diaries universe, vampires can't reproduce, unless they're a hybrid vampire who had sex with a werewolf (a la Klaus and Hayley), meaning Caroline and (presumably) Stefan would probably not find themselves becoming parents this season. 

But then, like, what if they did? Twilight made it happen, so why can't TVD? Caroline and Stefan would just be the best parents, right? 

We posed that exact question to the cast when we visited the set, and at the very least, King confirmed our conclusion that Steroline would indeed be the best parents a baby could hope for. 

"They'd be very quick parents," she tells us. "I think with vamp speed, that would definitely help with diaper changes. I don't know if they'd compel a baby not to cry? I don't know if that's cool for vampire parents to do." 

Clearly, if Caroline isn't pregnant on the show, she should start a business as a vampire nanny. Stefan, however, should not join her, based on Paul Wesley's views on child-rearing.  

"They'd send him to private boarding school way far away so they never had to deal with him," he tells us of their unborn, theoretical child. 

Click play on our exclusive video above to find out what else the cast had to say about Stefan and Caroline's parenting skills...

The Vampire Diaries

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While Ian Somerhalder may have gotten distracted envisioning a scenario in which Caroline's hypothetical baby might be Damon's and not Stefan's, he did give us his two cents on whether he thinks Accola's pregnancy will be written into the show. 

"I'm assuming so," he told us. "One would only hope so, because I think that might be hard to explain." 

And, he naturally thinks very highly of his on-screen brother's potential as a father. 

"Stefan would be a good dad, focusing all his energy on that kid," Somerhalder tells us. "He'd grow up to be a sensitive, smart ripper."

In all seriousness, King's fellow cast members couldn't be happier about her news. Watch the video above to hear their congratulations! 

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