This Frozen Fever Honest Trailer May Ruin Disney for You

Hurray for capitalism!

By Julia Hays Sep 03, 2015 2:34 PMTags
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Remember how much money Disney's Frozen made? Well, they will never forget. (We refuse to make any more "Let It Go" jokes. Sorry.)

That's why the studio will stop at nothing when it comes to merchandise and follow-ups to keep that Frozen cash cow alive for as long as possible.

We wouldn't be surprised if this coming winter is somehow tied into Frozen. That's how much power this film franchise has!

Screen Junkies' latest Honest Trailer takes a look at the half-assed short film, Frozen Fever, which serves as a way to keep Anna and Elsa fresh in our minds until Disney can crank out a feature-length sequel.

"Experience Frozen without the story," says the movie voiceover guy, as he shows us that the follow-up is essentially a toy commercial with merch plugs and crappy catchphrases.

We can't have too much time pass without a Frozen fix before Disney gives us a Broadway show and theme park, right?

Hurray for capitalism!

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