Selena Gomez Featured in Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean?" Video? We Investigate—See the Photos!

Blink and you'll miss the clues!

By Corinne Heller Sep 02, 2015 9:57 PMTags
Justin Bieber, Selena GomezKevin Mazur/

Does Justin Bieber pay tribute to ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez in his new music video, "What Do You Mean?"

It seems like he does, but if you blink, you'll miss the clues!

Bieber and Gomez dated on and off between 2010 and 2014 and appeared separately at Sunday's 2015 MTV VMAs, where he performed the song and got emotional.

In the video, at the 3:45 mark, the letters "Sel" appear as a graffiti on a wall by a ramp at a skate park.


Let's see that again:


Fast-forward to 4:11 and the rest of the word appears, spelling out what appears to be "lena."


...and the instant replay:


Eh, let's ask Taylor Swift.

OK, never mind!

At the VMAs, Bieber also performed his, Skrillex and Diplo's track "Where Are Ü Now," whose music video features Gomez's first name. She and the rest of Swift's "Bad Blood" squad left the venue during the commercial break before his performance and returned after he was finished. Ouch!

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Anyway, he and his ex have not commented about his newest clip, with regard to her apparent subliminal participation.

And if he did, he might say..."What do you mean...?"