We Are Your Friends

Warner Bros.

Brace yourself, Zac Efron, because this was one rough weekend. 

And no, we're not talking about a frat party gone wrong—this is the box office. This past Friday marked the release of the EDM melodrama We Are Your Friends, starring Efron as an aspiring DJ and Emily Ratajkowski as an aspiring DJ girlfriend. Now we know what you're thinking: "A movie about EDM? Do we need that?" And while the answer is kind of no, we actually also kind of enjoyed the flick. It was earnest and fun and staring at Zac Efron for 90 minutes is never a bad time.

But apparently America didn't quite feel the same. In fact America seems to have zero feelings about this movie whatsoever, and that's because not a single person saw it. Seriously, we think more people made their own sketches of Tom Bradyin court than went to the theater to view We Are Your Friends.

Specifically, the movie made a dismal $1.8 million this weekend. For comparison purposes, that makes it the lowest opening of all time—for a major studio flick screening in over 2,000 locations, that is. TL;DR...that's bad. 

It's so bad that you wouldn't believe what movies have made more money. For starters, let's look at this weekend:

Straight Outta Compton, on its third weekend
Ant-Man, on its seventh weekend
War Room
Sinister 2
The Gift
Jurassic World, on its 12th weekend

And here are some movies from the past that did better on opening weekend:

Major League: Back to the Minors
All Dogs Go to Heaven 2
From Justin to Kelly
Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie
Daddy Day Camp
Vampire Academy
Shaun the Sheep Movie
Thomas and the Magic Railroad
The Big Green
Sorority Row

Don't worry, Zac, we still love you. You'll get 'em next time.

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