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Well, this dude found the easiest way to always get what you want from your parents. And all it takes is the ability to understand technology better. Oh, how the tables have turned, parents!

Reddit user nasshole (real name Brendan, according to the furious texts) pulled an amazing prank on his parents with a simple iPhone hack and posted the aftermath online.

"Added a shortcut to parents phone every time they type 'No,'" he writes above a screengrab of a recent conversation with his poor parents. Basically, he made a shortcut in his mom's phone that replaced "no" with "HELL YES" and he made a shortcut in his dad's phone that replaced "no" with "WHERE THE BITCHES AT."

And then he asked them if he could throw a party, and the results were magical:

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Our absolutely favorite part is the dad saying "Brendan, she's trying to say WHERE THE BITCHES AT" because we just imagine his father saying that exact sentence in a very dad-like voice. We haven't stopped giggling since.

This prank is so simple and yet so beautiful. We think we're going to steal our mom's phone and change "when are you giving me grandkids?" to "YO GIRL YOU CATCH ALL THE D YOU WANT!"

That will go over well.

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