Blake Lively, Preserve


At nearly 8 months old, baby James Reynolds has accomplished what most supermodels and style icons only dream of—having a handbag named in her honor.

Of course, the baby girl has the added benefit of being Blake Lively's daughter, meaning she skipped a few steps to reach the prestigious milestone. As the founder of bohemian lifestyle hub Preserve, Blake's tacked on "fashion designer" to her ever-growing repertoire, teaming up with a squad of designers and artisans in the process. And clearly, she's put her Gossip Girl sartorial training to good use, as she's already whipped up a few Amour Vert-approved dresses and, now, this enviable tote bag.

Crafted with the help of Sandast, Blake's first-ever purse—called "a custom-made baby bag" on the website—is more than your average diaper carrier, with a hand-distressed, cognac leather exterior and a trendy plaid print lining.

Now, brace yourselves— James' namesake baby bag rings in at sizable $860 (yeesh). But considering some eponymous handbags like, say, the Hermès Birkin, start at about $10,000 and can range closer to $100,000, little James' bag really isn't that pricey after all.

Still—after shelling out that much cash for a baby bag as chic as this one, new moms may be hard-pressed to stock it with diapers and formula.

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