Kylie Jenner Stars in Tyga's "Stimulated" Music Video, Couple Puts Their Romance (and PDA) on Display—Watch Now!

This pretty much confirms the relationship between the rapper and the reality TV star

By Francesca Bacardi Aug 31, 2015 4:06 PMTags

Tyga and Kylie Jenner have never really been about PDA, until now.

The rapper released his music video for "Stimulated," which is basically an inside look at the romance between him and the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star. The video shows Tyga walking around his house working on his music, writing lyrics—everyday rapper activities—when Kylie shows up to hang out.

Tyga immediately greets her with kisses and hugs, pretty much confirming that this long rumored couple is, in fact, an actual couple. She has a couple of outfit changes, going from a dressier look to a more laid-back one, but otherwise the video is just an ode to their love. We already knew they were a cute duo, visiting children's hospitals together and volunteering soup kitchens, but the piggyback rides and PDA bring them to the next level.

If you ignore the lyrics to the song, which essentially is a sex anthem, you can focus on how happy they are. But if you choose to listen to the words coming out of Tyga's mouth, you're in for a wild ride.


"I'm stimulated / I'm at the bank, I'm penetratin' / I'm puttin' in, I'm penetratin' / I'm gettin' big, she stimulated...They say she young, I shoulda waited / She a big girl, dog, when she stimulated." Tyga then repeats the phrase "she a big girl, dog," followed by the line "F--k what they talkin' about, I do what the f--k I wanna do."

"She a big girl, dog / I'm puttin' in, yeah, I'm penetratin' / I'm getting' big, yeah, I'm stimulated," the hip-hop star raps at the end of the song. "Might take her home, gonna dinner plate it / I don't heat it up, I don't microwave it / She already hot, she sizzle, baby / No salt-n-pepa, she been the flava / Ima stimulate her."

Kylie never commented on the song's lyrics when it was released last week, but then again she has never commented on anything regarding Tyga. Earlier this summer, after Tyga released "Pleazer"—the song in which he rapped about "felony" sex "vagina juice"—he insisted it was not about his ladylove, now 18, as it had been written before he'd even met the teenage reality star.

Watch the video above to see Tyga and Kylie make their debut as a couple!