Justin Bieber Is Shirtless and Looking Mighty Fine in "What Do You Mean?" Music Video—Watch Now!

Singer recently ended his three-year hiatus with the release of new music

By McKenna Aiello Aug 31, 2015 3:18 AMTags

Justin Bieber is back and looking mighty hot!

The 21-year-old made quite a statement with his music video for "What Do You Mean?" which dropped after his MTV Video Music Awards performance Sunday night. 

Much like the teaser Biebs posted to his Instagram, the video turned the sex appeal way up as Justin shared intimate moments with Xenia Deli in between kicking some serious John Leguizamo butt.

Oh, and did we mention fellow Beliebers that your favorite singer is shirtless and turning up the heat in the bedroom in the first part of the video? Can't say we didn't warn you. 

Bieber's latest music video comes after the former YouTube star got emotional on stage after performing his hit single at the MTV Video Music Awards. 

The pop star recently told Radio.com he worked on the up-tempo single during his three-year hiatus from making new music. His last album was 2012's Believe that featured hits including "Boyfriend" and "All Around the World." 

"I've been trying to figure out the sound," Bieber explained. "I've been going through phases of doing R&B music, and then really hard hip-hop based music, and now I'm in a place of wanting to really bring all those things together to make one cohesive sound."

And despite troubling moments in the media spotlight, Justin is confident his new music will turn public opinion around for the better. 

"I think people see through fakeness," he said. "Artists come and go all the time. It's no accident that I'm still doing this. I went through a lot of hardships, a lot of battles. And you come out on top when you're passionate and when you're real and when you're authentic. People can see it."