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When I was talking to Milk star Josh Brolin about the hatred so rampant in the new movie Milk (about slain gay-rights activist Harvey Milk), Diane Lane's hubby said to me, quite evenly: "I have no connection with the Mormon Church. A Mormon may feel differently, they feel differently about coffee than I do. Just because gay people can't get married doesn't mean they can't be kissing in the street. I come from a Republican place, so I've seen both sides, and I understand both sides. For me, I don't care as long as people are happy."

Hey, Josh, how 'bout helping us stage a major kiss-in in the streets of Sacramento? It may be necessary, as I'm hearing the next major-money target of the Mormon Church is the California Supreme Court.

"That's where they're concentrating next," revealed a connected lawyer who's monitoring the Prop 8 architects' every move. "As soon as [the justices] come up for re-election, the Mormon Church and their money are going to do everything they can by getting those justices voted off, they're particularly gunning for every justice who voted to overturn the gay-marriage ban in the first place. And they might succeed. Do not underestimate them."

This is gearing up to be major showdown, what with Mormon-owned Marriott (among myriad other Mormon-run businesses) being boycotted and now Sundance possibly being picketed by anti-Prop 8 Hollywood. Who do these churchgoers think they are, getting involved with government and constitutional rights, anyway? Reminds me of when the Church of Scientology had to prove so vigorously why they deserved tax-exempt status. And now the Mormons will have to be proving that designation all over again themselves, apparently, since their organization clearly discriminates against minorities, a major state no-no.

We need Sean Penn, who's come out quite zealously against Prop 8 (a man who has a family, by the way), to help lead this kiss-in by sucking face with one of his Milk costars!

Agree, Mr. Brolin? Don’t worry, Sean's not very good at it, I hear.

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