YouTube Stars Sam Rader and Nia Rader to Take Mini Vlogging Break Following Backlash and Removal From Conference

He explains in a video why they were removed from Vlogger Fair

By Francesca Bacardi Aug 26, 2015 12:46 PMTags

Viral Christian vloggers Sam Rader and Nia Rader have decided to take a mini break following their removal from Seattle's Vlogger Fair Saturday.

In a YouTube video posted to Twitter Tuesday night, Sam explained why the couple was kicked out of the conference and also announced their short hiatus. He explained that he made a "stupid, rash" decision to confront two attendees who he felt had "teamed up" to bully he and his wife after they announced their miscarriage on Twitter.

"They were bullying our family," he said in the video.

Sam previously explained to Gawker that he didn't threaten those who mocked him, but instead confronted them. In the video, however, Sam said that he just wanted to tell both of his "bullies" that he and Nia had forgiven them. "He was attacked our family in a public forum," Sam said, explaining why he approached one of the other vloggers.


"It was just a verbal altercation," he said.

At the time, Vlogger Fair program director Liz Bradshaw said in a statement that Sam and his wife left for "personal reasons," adding, "VloggerFair prides itself on being an event where our guests and community feel welcome and safe."

But it seems the couple's fall from vlogger grace has been too much to handle. In a matter of days Sam and Nia went from YouTube sensations with their surprise pregnancy video to vlogger outcasts. As a result, they have decided to take a break from their vlog.

"The vlog right now is just not feasible for our life right now," Sam announced. "We're going to take a break for about a week...Not really sure yet. Could be less. Could be a little more. As of right now we know we need a small break."

He added that he and Nia want to focus on being together, especially since she is "very upset" with him following their removal from Vlogger Fair (throughout the whole video she walks far behind him).