Find Out Who Is Starring in Ken Baker's Movie The Late Bloomer!

Film is based on his novel Man Made: A Memoir of My Body

By Francesca Bacardi Aug 25, 2015 7:28 PMTags
J.K. Simmons, 87th Annual Academy Awards Nominee LuncheonFrazer Harrison/Getty Images

Ken Baker is getting the movie star treatment!

The Late Bloomer, a romantic dramedy based on the life story of the E! journalist, has started production in Los Angeles. The forthcoming film, which features A-list stars such as Johnny Simmons, Jane Lynch, Brittany Snow, J.K. Simmons, Paul Wesley, Charlotte McKinney and more, was inspired by his non-fiction book, Man Made: A Memoir of My Body, which chronicles his battle with a skull-base tumor that prevented him from going through puberty completely until he was 27.

"Having a skull-base tumor wreaking havoc on your body is not something I would wish on anyone, but honestly the experience mostly has been a blessing in disguise and made me a better person," Baker tells E! News. "The fact that the producers have assembled an all-star cast to animate a fictional version of my experience is simultaneously flattering, scary and surreal."

Using both Baker and Man Made as a comedic launching pad, The Late Bloomer tells the story of Pete Newmans (played by Johnny Simmons), a man whose arrested development makes him an ideal sex therapist for those seeking to learn restraint. But when surgery cures his condition and he finds himself falling in love, Pete has to learn to deal with his overwhelming emotions, as well as the reactions from his closest friends and family.

Pete works in an office headed by Caroline (Lynch), and also has three close friends, Luke (Beck Bennett), Rich (Kumail Nanjiani) and Josh (Blake Cooper) who help him deal with his suffocating parents, played by J.K. Simmons and Maria Bello. Always wondering why he doesn't have a girlfriend, Pete's parents insist he try dating the girl next door, Michelle (Snow). But after he gets knocked out in a basketball game, doctors discover his tumor and immediately remove it, launching years' worth of puberty into a matter of weeks.

Production has started in Los Angeles and is set to film through early September in Bulgaria. Man Made also will be re-published by Tarcher/Penguin with the movie's release. 

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