Ben Higgins Would "Love" Amy Schumer on The Bachelor—Can This Please Happen?

Hey, he loves funny girls who can communicate...and we just want more Amy Schumer on our TV

By Chris Harnick Aug 25, 2015 1:30 PMTags
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Ben Higgins is looking for love as the next star of The Bachelor, and from the sounds of it, he's got a good head on his shoulders! Ben stopped by Good Morning America after ABC's big announcement last night during Bachelor in Paradise's After Paradise, and he was ready to talk America's sweetheart: Amy Schumer.

Ben was grilled by the Good Morning America anchors and he had an answer for everything, including whether he hesitated before taking the big gig.

"You know, I think just to be fair to myself, I wanted to take a couple of days and process it through," he said. "Make sure I thought of all the different pros and cons...When you really think about it, it's a really good opportunity."

This really good opportunity also got Ben into a first class lounge for the very first time. "I had no idea those things existed," he said of his luxurious trip to New York City.

As for Kaitlyn Bristowe, the lady he attempted to win over on The Bachelorette, Ben said they're now good friends and she "handled herself really well in a hard situation." Hey, it's not easy dating 25 people, he said. "I haven't dated one well, ever," he joked. "You have to just try to be true to yourself and fair to the people involved. I think Kaitlyn did that to the best of her ability."

What's got his nerves on end? Well, dating 25 people at once! "I never thought I'd be in that situation," he admitted. "I'm nervous to meet the women that take some time out of their life to come hang out with me."

And Amy, the Emmy-nominated star of Inside Amy Schumer and Bachelor and Bachelorette superfan, is more than welcome to come try to win Ben's heart. He loves funny girls! "I would love for her to come on the season," he said. "I think we should push for it. She's hilarious, she's been great to the show. If she wanted to come out, I wouldn't be against it."

Amy called into After Paradise and wished Ben luck. "Ben, I am so excited for you. I hope you find love. Do you want to have phone sex right now?" she asked.

"You have my number—call me later," Ben joked.

The Trainwreck writer and star asked for a little help from the new Bachelor. "Find love, and then send some my way," she said.

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In addition to a good sense of humor, Ben said he's looking for a lady who has compassion and thinks communication is key. "I think when two people are joining lives together there has to be a ton of communication amongst those two people. I think just being able to live life together is what I'm looking for," he said.