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It's become a daily habit. You have an emergency stash in your car. You want more and more with every use, hoping to get the same results as your first attempt…only to feel deflated and defeated.

You, friend, are a hair product addict.

Oftentimes, product overuse can cause a bad hair day. Too much dry shampoo, and hair becomes at once limp and gunky from buildup. Too much hairspray, and you're looking at crunch city. So what's one to do, especially if you don't have time for a hair wash? Celeb hairstylist Marc Mena shared his quick, get-ready tips.

Know your hair type: Just like you don't want to clog your pores with too much facial makeup or skin care products, you need to be careful with the amount of hair product you use. Typically, "the correct amount of product for shorter hair is usually equivalent to the size of a pea and dime size for longer hair," said Marc.

Treat specific areas: "Keep in mind that not all products should be used on your entire head," he noted. "For example, if you are looking for the product to add volume and lift, then apply at the roots only. If the purpose of the styling product is to smooth and shine then apply to the ends only."

Track your purchases: "When using hairspray, less is more," noted the hair pro. "A light spray is enough to hold a style while offering a natural hold. Keep in mind that a bottle of hairspray should last about two to three months, so if you are going through the product in less than two months, you are using too much."

When you've used too much oil or cream-based products: "Use a powder-based dry shampoo to absorb the extra product," said Marc. "You can either blow-dry the dry shampoo into hair or apply it to the roots and massage it throughout the mane. Another trick is to use the oil blotting papers and sheets that are used for face blotting [on the hair]."

When you've used too much hairspray or gel: "Scrunch your hair so the product will break down," advised Marc. "You can also apply a small amount of styling cream to avoid flakiness."

When you overdo it on the dry shampoo: "I recommend applying a small amount of styling cream between the palms of your hands until you can barely see the product and then finger comb the product through the hair," suggested the hair expert.

Now go off and let your hair prosper…until your next wash.

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