Woman Live-Tweets Couple's Awkward Plane Breakup

Get ready for an emotional roller coaster...

By Julia Hays Aug 24, 2015 2:39 PMTags

It's 2015, and nothing is sacred or private. Which means if you choose to end your relationship in a tiny metal tube filled with bored, tired people: There's a chance your personal business is going public.

To be fair, maybe wait until the car ride home to dump your girlfriend instead of before a flight takes off.

Twitter got ringside seats to one strained couple's bizarre breakup when fellow passenger Kelly Keegs decided to live-tweet an awkward ordeal happening on her flight.

After being alert to the girlfriend's sobs, Kelly listened in to what sounded like the guy doing the dumping.

The others? Who are the others? Are they on the flight too?!

This is what happens when airlines let people sit on the tarmac. RELATIONSHIPS END.

Things quiet down, but they're not over. It's never over.

Seriously, who is Charlotte and what does she know?! A serious turning point in the conversation.

And this is when a fight turns to a passionate makeup session. A makeup session in a plane filled with strangers.

Did the couple officially makeout and makeup or were the buzzed kisses one last hurrah? Do they need to stage elaborate plane splits to get some excitement in their regular routine? Was it all a mid-flight hoax? We don't know.

What we do know is next time you #PlaneBreakup be mindful of the fact that your fellow passengers (and their followers) may be listening in: because no one wants to $8 pay to watch an in-flight Adam Sandler flick when they can watch you having the worst day of your life.

As for Kelly, she's not the only one fascinated by awkward air encounters.

Speaking of One Direction, have you heard the news? The band is going on hiatus to work on their solo projects...