Sam and Nia


Well this just keeps getting worse.

We've been seeing the fallout from the hacked Ashley Madison data all week (cue Josh Duggar), and this latest revelation is just as unsettling. You probably remember YouTube stars Sam and Nia Rader. They're the married couple who first made headlines because of the sweet video in which Sam surprised his wife with news of their pregnancy. Then only days later they revealed the tragic news that Nia had suffered a miscarriage.

But unfortunately the complications for the couple didn't stop there. First they came under fire for allegations that the entire pregnancy surprise was a staged stunt, and now it's been revealed that Sam had himself a little Ashley Madison account. Uh oh.

According to The Daily Mail, someone with the same name and mailing address as Sam was a paying member of the infidelity site back in the fall of 2013. The domain of the email address used to create said account was also registered by Sam in 2011. And yes, in case you're wondering, he was married to Nia at that time (and they already had their daughter, to boot). Um, yikes?

Now it is impossible to point out the eerie similarities between this case and that of Josh Duggar, who we will recall is still reeling from the outing of his AM account, porn addiction and other...let's call them personality quirks. Sam is also an extremely religious man, and he has built a massive following on the foundation of his faith and his willingness to share his beliefs with the world (or, more specifically, YouTube). His videos center on preaching the Bible and espousing the qualities of good, Christianity-adhering men, as well as giving advice on marriage and family.

He's also made quite the living off of this public persona (again, much like Duggar). BuzzFeed reports that Sam and Nia can easily rake in six-figure salaries off the ad revenue of their vlogs. We're no experts of course, but it seems as though paying money to a website in the hopes of finding women with whom to have an extramarital affair is not exactly in line with the values that made Sam Internet-famous. 

He has so far refrained from making a statement about these revelations, but don't be surprised if you see a vlog on the subject in the near future.

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