Someone Figured Out Which States Are the Most Unfaithful According to Ashley Madison Data

New Jersey, Colorado and D.C., you have some serious explaining to do

By Jenna Mullins Aug 21, 2015 6:08 PMTags
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Of course, no one can stop talking about (and celebrating) the fact that self-proclaimed hypocrite Josh Duggar was caught using an Ashley Madison account. He admitted to being unfaithful to his wife and everyone who ever had to listen to him preach about family values threw their hats into the air with joy. And if they didn't have a hat, they stole one from a nearby coworker or pedestrian. 

Of course, his wife and kids are suffering and that is not worthy of celebration, but Duggar's comeuppance totally is. But let's not forget that millions of Americans are currently being exposed due to the Ashley Madison data dump, and someone was brave enough to comb through the data to find out which states spent the most on AM accounts.

Reddit user jpopham91 went through all the transaction data and compared it to population figures from to figure out which states spent the most money on signing up to have an affair per capita. They he put together a handy little bar graph to show off the results.

As you can see, Alabama is at the very top. By a landslide. The reason we're not skewering that state for being number one in Ashley Madison accounts is because as many reddit users pointed out, if people used fake names, addresses, etc. they more than likely just chose Alabama as their state out of default because it's the first one listed in the drop down box. And many people used gift cards so they didn't have to use their own credit card and possibly get caught.

Jokes on them!

But all the other info about the top states is probably more legit. Here are you top 10 (minus Alabama) most unfaithful states, according to this data:

1. Colorado
2. District of Columbia
3. New Jersey
4. Connecticut
5. Arkansas
6. Massachusetts
7. New York
8. New Hampshire
9. Virginia
10. Maryland

So which states spent the least amount of money on the same website that Josh Duggar used to cheat on his wife between speeches about how gay couples are ruining the institution of marriage? Let's hear it for the most faithful states in America!

1. West Virginia
2. Mississippi
3. Idaho
4. Maine
5. South Dakota
6. Iowa
7. Kentucky
8. New Mexico
9. Montana
10. Louisiana

Come back next week after someone else on the Internet spends hours, possibly days, combing through the date to find something else interesting and/or incriminating.