Ice-T and Coco tried to play the name game with fans.

Needless to say, viewers came up with some odd choices for their baby girl.

"Coco and I are vey excited about having baby," the rapper and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star, 57, said on Friday's episode of Ice & Coco. "The other day, we released the name and the gender. It's a girl and we're going to name her Chanel."

Coco, 36, said they "came up with that name 10 years ago."

At the time, they also agreed upon a name if they were to ever have a baby boy. "I don't know if we'll give away our boy name cause somebody will steal it," Ice-T said. "Should I give away the boy name? F--k it. We're gonna name him Titan."

Coco said it would be "to go along with [dogs] Spartacus and Maximus."

"And the T," Ice-T said. "You dig?"

He added, "If you steal my name everybody on the show gonna know you did it."

Coco said she was "going back and forth with the middle name" because her husband wanted her to name their daughter after herself. "I want her to have her own identity. I don't want people to look at her like, 'Oh, you got to be like your mom!' That's why I don't want to name her Coco. Like, little Coco," she said. "So, I went close to that, to Chanel, like Coco Chanel, of course." The pregnant TV host had hoped Monroe would be her daughter's middle name, as a tribute to Marilyn Monroe, but Ice-T nixed that idea. "I read her books and her life is like my life when I was younger," the mom-to-be said. "It's almost like reading my life every time."

Ice T, Coco

Anders Krusberg/ Warner Bros.

Ice-T decided they would ask their fans to give input. "I said, 'We're going to come up with something better,' so what we did [was] we went to you guys to ask for some ideas for the child's middle name," he told the studio audience.

Suggestions included Marie, Rose, Sky and Tracy. Ice-T was less impressed with others. "The people that come up on my poll, they said, 'Here's some ideas: Iceabella.' Chanel Iceabella? Chanel Glacier? Chanel Armani? Chanel G or Gangster?" he said. Coco then revealed the "worst" suggestion of them all: "Chanel Bag. Really?" Ice-T agreed, saying, "You gonna name your child bag? Really?"

To find out which name they did choose, watch the video.

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