This Instagram Account Dedicated to Man Buns at Disneyland Is Giving Us Life—See the Pics!

Man buns and Mickey Mouse. Does life get any better?

By Holly Passalaqua Aug 21, 2015 3:24 AMTags

Move over Dilfs of Disney, there's a new Instagram account in town and we are obsessed. 

May we introduce you to @manbunsofdisneyland. Yes, you read that right. The one-stop shop for when all you want to see is a hot and sexy snap of a very masculine updo at the Happiest Place on Earth. Come on! Can it get any better? 

Yes, @dilfsofdisneyland was the first but that's just child's play compared to what @manbunsofdisneyland has to offer. When you first visit man bun central you are greeted with a variety of luscious locks tied back in that effortless ball of joy!

Seriously, just look at the excitement and pure bliss on this man bun enthusiast's face when she spots a magical one on a fellow park goer. 

Thank you, Instagram gods. Thank you. 

#manbun (and turkey leg?) sighting at #dca! #mun #disneyland #munday #manbunsofdisneyland

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May we share with you some of our favorite man buns:

This guy has been spotted once again! #manbun #mun #manbuns #dca #disneyland #manbunsofdisneyland

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