It wasn't too long ago that Salma Hayek went topless for Allure magazine.

Well, she's taken things a bit further in her new movie Some Kind of Beautiful.

And only E! News has the exclusive sneak peek from the movie of Hayek's hot naked butt!

In the scene, Hayek and Pierce Brosnan are enjoying an afternoon delight when his ex wife (Jessica Alba) comes by earlier than expected.

The thing is, Hayek plays Alba's sister.

Hayek jumps out of bed and hugs a pillow to cover her front bits. But then she's shown scrambling out of the house from behind with her sexy booty on full display.

Some Kind of Beautiful, Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba, Pierce Brosnan


And it doesn't stop there. The 48-year-old mom of one is then shown leaping into a pool. Once again, her backside steals the spotlight.

Alba is shocked when she sees Hayek swimming in her birthday suit.

"You're naked," a startled Alba says. "Why are you naked?"

Some Kind of Beautiful is in theaters on Friday, Aug. 21.

Soon after her Allure photo was released, Hayek told me, "It's important to be free…and at my age it's exciting to still be able to take a photograph like that.

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