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Changing your hair color as often as you change your underwear? Not a problem.

Pop stars Katy Perry and Lady Gaga have been giving us serious rainbow hair envy for years, but at the caution of our hairstylists we've always refrained from the harsh chemical processing that it used to take to achieve such out-of-this-world colors. With kaleidoscopic locks cropping up on the famous heads of Rita Ora and Hilary Duff it's officially a socially acceptable trend.

To teach us how to get and style a non-permanent version of our own, celebrity hairstylist Glenn Nutley and braid master Suzie Kim stopped by for a crash course.

For a wash out color, Glenn prefers to use one-day dyes from Brite Organix (model in video is wearing a mix of one-day pastel pink color for light and dark hair). Apply foam on wet hair, mushing the mousse on the desired area—just the tips, scattered throughout for an ombré look, lathered on your entire head, or even layered on top of each other if you're going for a style similar to Rita Ora's.

If you're looking for a color that lasts a bit longer (once you've test driven a wash-out version, of course), go for a semi-permanent dye (model is wearing this one in "atomic turquoise" mixed with a pastel-izer for a softer color) that lasts a few months.

To make the dip-dye look work for everyday wear, lean toward shades of pastel, rather than shocking brights. Pastel hues "are the perfect combination of pretty and cool," advised Glenn.

To style your loud locks, Suzie's signature boho braids and twists are the perfect complement to vivid shades. "Loose, undone textures are everywhere right now, but braids are especially cool on pastel hair because the color against the style really pops," said Suzie.


ESC, Blue Unicorn Hair

For a hair-up look, part hair in the middle and section off a piece of hair on each side of the crown to create French braids. Braid each section, working your way towards the back, wrapping hair into place at the ends. Gather braid ends at the nape of the neck, pinning the end pieces into a loose bun.

ESC, Blue Unicorn Hair

For a messy ponytail, part hair to one side and French braid one section on the heavier side along the side of the head, securing the braid at the bottom of strands. Grab the loose braid tail, pulling it into a ponytail and fastening. Wrap a loose strand of hair around the base of the ponytail for instant polish. 

ESC, Blue Unicorn Hair

For a half-up look, part hair in the middle and section off two pieces on each side at the front, twisting hair along the crown and pulling in pieces from the sides as you work your way towards the back. Once you reach the back of the head, secure in place.

Braids may seem intimidating, but whatever style you choose, "feel free to play around and make the look your own," encouraged Suzie. It doesn't have to be perfect and because frizz is in, don't worry about it being too polished either.

We have a feeling that our lather, rinse repeat routine is about to get a whole lot more colorful.

For Glenn's tips on dying your hair shades of the rainbow, click the video above! 

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