Lady Gaga on American Horror Story: Hotel Set Is Just So Glamorous it Hurts

Talk about gaga ooh lala!

By Chris Harnick Aug 20, 2015 8:41 PMTags
Lady Gaga, AHSSPW / Splash News

Lady Gaga knows a thing or two about making an entrance (see the meat dress and that whole egg thing), so it should come as no surprise that she's bringing her knack for theatrics to American Horror Story: Hotel.

Gaga was spotted on set of the new season of the hit FX drama looking extraordinarily glamorous. That silver glove accessory? Something tells us there's a story there. Possessed demon hand? Who knows, it's AHS and all bets are off!

The singer's costar, Oscar winner Kathy Bates, previously teased viewers with just how fashionable Gaga's character was. "Was it Norma Desmond, Jean Harlow or Marilyn Monroe descending the staircase towards me in a shimmering silver gown? No, it was @ladygaga!" Bates tweeted.

Gaga responded a few days later with an appropriate emoji. See her tweet below.


The very glam look jibes with what we know about the singer's character.  "[Gaga] willl play a character who has relationships with Angela [Bassett] and Matt [Bomer] ," AHS mastermind Ryan Murphy told reporters at TCA. "She's playing the owner of the hotel. A wealthy social doyenne. She's consumed with art and fashion and people, and she has a nefarious plan that is revealed in the first episode…In the first two days, she has a pretty spectacular murder scene with Matt Bomer."

Gaga recently threw a big party for her fellow Hotel stars. The rest of the cast includes Cheyenne Jackson, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Max Greenfield, Wes Bentley, Finn Wittrock, Denis O'Hare, Chloe Sevigny and guest appearances by Lily Rabe and Darren Criss with more names to be announced, we're sure.

American Horror Story: Hotel is set in modern times and will be connected to past seasons. "You will see people from various seasons check into the hotel. People you have known from other seasons. The characters all being connected in some way is really fun to write to. You'll see that starting in episode six or seven. There are some big ones this year," Murphy said.

Is it Wednesday, Oct. 7 yet?

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