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Taylor Swift's 1989 tour is my ultimate FOMO (Fear of missing out).

Some people freak out over buying Coachella tickets. Weekend one vs. weekend two, VIP or general admission? Taylor's five nights in Los Angeles every two years are my Coachella. 

Back in November of 2014, when tickets for the 1989 tour went on sale, I was anxiously waiting at my work computer for 10 a.m. to roll around with approximately 32 different tabs open in three different browsers, determined to get the best seats possible. And, if you know anything about Taylor, it's that she always brings out surprise guests during each tour and with five different nights in L.A., the pressure is ON to be there for the best ones.

On her past tours, I was there for John Mayer (trouble), Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lopez. And on the Red tour, I won pit seats that night from Keds. Blessed. So, my standards for an acceptable Taylor concert are way above the norm. Yes, I have a problem, but to my defense, J.Lo came on and sang "Jenny From the Block" with Taylor, so, you get where I'm coming from here.

Taylor Swift GIFS

As the waiting time began to end in each tab, I knew I needed options (cue: Fearless). I was not about to buy one set of tickets and call it a day. No. To be honest, in those 10 minutes, I was probably the most focused I've ever been during a work setting, I clicked purchase quicker than I ever have and my emotions had never been so sporadic. 

Anxiety, sweat, relief, repeat. 

If I could use one emoji to describe this experience, it would easily be the money with wings. I bought three sets of tickets for all different nights in Los Angeles, totaling up to $1,953. I told you I had anxiety about missing the best guest. The idea of seeing, let's say...Britney Spears on stage with Taylor via Instagram and not in person, almost gives me hives. Personal problem, I know. The moments after that are kind of a blur to be honest, but I do remember texting my closest friends telling them I was able to get tickets. 

I did it. 

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Around 3 that afternoon is when I realized what I had actually done. I just spent TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS on concert tickets. Two thousand dollars?

I could have bought:

320 Chipotle burritos

20 years' worth of Netflix subscriptions

2 pairs of Louboutins

1 roundtrip flight to Paris

...I'm too ashamed to go on. 

So, I immediately posted on Facebook that I was selling T.Swift tickets, and I posted them on StubHub. At this point I wasn't even looking for a profit, just a higher number in my bank account.

Taylor Swift GIFS

I had no problem selling them. Surprise, surprise. 

And now the day is here. I could be going to opening night tonight, but I tried to do the mature thing and only attend one night (I saved the pit seats for myself, I'm not a monster). So, I'll be going tomorrow. I'm gracing my mom with the opportunity to attend with me, because 1989 made her switch over to the Taylor fan club (do not get me started on the 1989 bandwagon fans), but I sent her the set list months ago and despite "All Too Well" clearly missing from the lineup, I told her she must learn every song and realize what a life-changing experience this is going to be. 

My outfit is prepped for tomorrow, a black tank that reads "And Taylor's gonna slay, slay, slay, slay, slay," and my fan box arrived with a load of Taylor fan gear including two bags, four bracelets, two cups, two books, a ton of photos, key chains and a VIP badge. The badge is completely for show but I will 100% be wearing it. I guess spending $2,000 does have a few perks. 

Although I'm all set now, don't think for a second that I won't be refreshing ticket sites all day today, praying prices go down to an amount that is socially acceptable for me to spend. 

I mean, at the end of the day, Taylor did tell us to never grow up, right? 

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