Can you believe it's almost the ten-year anniversary of the High School Musical movie?!

While promoting his new flick We Are Your Friends (out Aug. 28), HSM star Zac Efron reminisced about the time that's past since the hit movie. The 27-year-old hunk even revealed filming We Are your Friends in the San Fernando Valley outside L.A. reminded him of his High School Musical years.

"Around the time High School Musical started I lived, like for four years, in the valley," Efron told E! News. "We shot all around the house that we used to bum around at. We even filmed at some of my favorite restaurants. Like I knew every location, every place we go it'd be reminiscent of [my] 15 to 17-year-old self."

For We Are Your Friends, Efron actually lost some weight with the help of director Max Joseph.

"Max just said, ‘Hey dude, look at these guys,' and he just showed me a bunch of pictures and I'm like, ‘Um, clearly I should…that's not who I am at this moment.' And so I just trimmed my diet," he revealed.

"I ran every day, more or less. I just stopped lifting weights," Efron went on. "At the end of the movie I had like shin splints, my knees hurt, it was gnarly. Running's hard."

Watch the rest of our interview with Efron to find out if he's considering a career in deejaying!

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