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It's bad enough when some average Joe steps out on his significant other and leaves a written trail.

The risk of being found out comes down to whether his behavior has given his mate cause for suspicion and she goes looking, or she keeps tabs on his digital life regardless (another story altogether); if he's sloppy/lazy/cruel enough to leave evidence in plain sight; or if the other woman goes public. So many options for ultimate ruin.

So when a famous guy—and we're talking any level of fame, from actor to pro athlete to politician—thinks that he's slick enough to text or tweet and not leave a trace...

Come on!

We don't mean to discriminate—surely plenty of women have gotten just as burned after being found out while carrying on via text or email, et al. (One look at Tumblr, aka Screengrab City, tells the tale of what sort of hell is breaking loose these days via text.) But not as many well-known women seem to have that issue.

Gone-viral screen-shot evidence of Mike Epps' wife catching him trying to direct-message another woman on Twitter should be a reminder to us all that our digital footprints not only leave a trail, they're easily preservable for the world to see (and then search for later when you're trying to make a point).

Brett Favre, Tiger Woods, Anthony Weiner

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But ever since Tiger Woods was unceremoniously revealed to be quite the ladies' man back in 2009, based in part because some of his alleged paramours were reportedly bragging to their friends about the texts they were getting from the super-star golfer—and copies of texts, voicemails and emails got out there—we always wondered why any man at any time afterward thought that he could put something in writing and get away with it.

Memo to dudes: Women. Save. Everything. (Unless we don't like you, then we can't get rid of the evidence that we conversed soon enough. Unless you're ridiculous and we want to show our friends. But then we'll get rid of it.)

Just a few examples:

Jesse James' texts to Michelle "Bombshell" McGee while he was still married to Sandra Bullock were certainly used against him in the court of public opinion.

Brett Favre admitted to extramarital voicemails but it was the alleged pics of his junk that ended up being a joke on 30 Rock, when Kenneth informs Jenna that she has received a picture of a hot dog from a "Mr. Brett Fa-vrey."

Meanwhile, former U.S. congressman Anthony Weiner has to be the least savvy Twitter and online chat user in the history of politicians. (Or he at least fell from the greatest heights, hence more attention paid to his unfortunate scandal.)

And there are more.

Point being, aside from the preference that you not be straying a-holes, gentlemen: Do not text, tweet, Facebook, email, chat, send notes via carrier pigeon or otherwise write anything down.

You'll get caught. And if you're famous, some may forgive, but no one will forget.

All kinds of trouble can start on Twitter...

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