Britney Spears

Britney's not dumb. Clearly. But isn't it funny how both she and Angelina Jolie are doing the exact same thing: giving their publics themselves—just as they imagine their fans want to see them.

Brit's got a comeback and a new album to sell; Angelina's got another Oscar to get and some business to finish with Jen Aniston, who just won't seem to shut the ef up about the fact that Angie stole her man—a development Jolie keeps trying to rewrite over and over by breast-feeding and charity volunteering so very visibly.

But...This is more about Brit, who's smart enough to have set up her own darling community called Here's what she's up to:

Watch Brit fight back at the press she hates!

Watch Brit get ready for fancyass photo shoots, like the one shown above.

Behold what other famous folks say of the Southern babe!

See, B.S. got smart and decided to stop letting TMZ have all her page turns. This way, she gets to say what she wants—Britney's very Lindsay Lohan-esque in that regard; she cares, deeply, about what people think of her. So, too, does Angie. She just pretends not to, which is simply not the case.

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