Nicole Richie, Joel Madden

AP Photo / Shea Walsh; John Shearer/Getty Images

At the opening of the Alberta Ferretti store in L.A. last night, we couldn't help but notice more than the clothes on the racks—we were staring at the clothes hanging off Joel Madden. Nicole Richie's baby-beau always seemed cute 'n' cuddly in a soft teddy-bear kinda way, but J.M. showed up to the fashion fete seriously svelte. What's going on here?

Lots of late nights watching over Harlow took away your appetite, daddy-dude? Or has Joely taken the lead of his incredibly shrinking lady and lost all the extra packaging? We know your ex-fiancé, DJ AM, was another nice guy who had weight issues too. Beware of falling back into bad habits, Nic, and taking your boyfriend along with you for the weight-loss ride.

Interesting that Nicole was more than happy to talk fashion with us (she's all about "comfort" and "color," in that order, because she's a mom who's got her priorities right). But the moment we mentioned Prop 8 and politics, and, like, all that silly stuff half our readers say we're not supposed to be talking about right now, Nicole turned right around on her freebie heel and walked off.

Interesting move, as her downsized hubby was a bit more forthcoming on the subject. Also worth mentioning that right at that moment, some Prop 8 protesters marched by, inspiring cheers from the folks inside. Clooney would def approve. Just not wasting-away (again) Ms. Richie, or it would seem.

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain and Taryn Ryder

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