Is This Jennifer Aniston's Wedding Dress? Sorry Facebook, Not So Fast!

Facebook fanpage gets Aniston's dress all wrong

By Nicole Adlman Aug 17, 2015 5:05 PMTags
Jen Aniston Faux Wedding Dress; Getty Images

This is not Jennifer Aniston's wedding dress, people. We repeat: Not Jennifer's wedding dress!

Facebook fan page Jennifer Aniston Fans got their followers in a tizzy after posting a picture of a dramatic, floor-sweeping white wedding gown featuring a blond beauty with her head turned from the camera. Only problem? Well, it's not Jennifer, although the picture fooled some of the J.Aniston lovers who visit the page.

In case you missed it (really?), Aniston married longtime love Justin Theroux on Aug. 5 in a private ceremony held at her home in Los Angeles. And while the couple hasn't released photos from the happy affair, we've already made our dress predictions. The thing is, though, that no one but the close family and friends in attendance will know exactly what Jennifer wore (although the Valentino bet is as good as any)—until she decides to tell us. Keeping our fingers crossed, obviously!


The dress modeled in the Facebook post in question, by the way, is a Dimitrius Dalia bridal confection that was featured as a catalogue image for the brand. While it is stunning, we picture Jennifer in something a little bit simpler. (She is the ultimate Cali girl next door, right?)

Can you picture Jennifer in this wedding dress?
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