John Stamos, Josh Peck, 2015 Teen Choice Awards

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Can we also be John Stamos' TV children?

John Stamos and his Grandfathered costar Josh Peck just seem to have the greatest relationship, and we're totally jealous. 

Stamos showed up at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday to support Peck, his TV son, who was cohosting the show, and Peck thanked him kindly by dressing up as Stamos' most famous character: Uncle Jesse from Full House

The look was complete with a mullet wig, and we have to say, with a little bit of wig adjustment, it's a look Peck could actually pull off. 

After Peck emerged in his costume, hoping to "prank" Stamos (and it wasn't scripted or anything!), the two engaged in a fantastic catch-phrase battle. Stamos even threw in some perfect Drake and Josh references that you'll definitely have to watch below: 

"Well I ain't calling you a truther!" still cracks us up, to this day, so thank you for that, John Stamos. 

And thank you again for continuing this little prank war by bringing us even more 

The duo next introduced some videos sent in by fans, and the last one featured Stamos dressed in Peck's movie theater costume from Drake and Josh, which, we're sure we don't have to remind you, ran on Nickelodeon from 2004 to 2008. 

"Yo Josh Peck of Josh and Drake, hug me brotha!" Stamos said in the video, before marveling at the size of the costume. "He was a big boy, wasn't he?" 

Stamos later shared a picture of himself and Peck/Uncle Jesse on Twitter, saying "Look who's playing Uncle Jesse in the Super Unauthorized Lifetime TV movie," and now all we want from life is for John Stamos and Josh Peck to make a Super Unauthorized Liftime TV movie about Full House

Basically, this was a very good night for those of us who were fans of both Full House and Drake and Josh. A very, very good night. 

Grandfathered will debut on Fox on Tuesday, September 29 while Fuller House will premiere on Netflix sometime in 2016. 

John Stamos, Teen Choice Awards, Drake & Josh


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