Brother: Dead Paula Abdul Fan Was Not Stalker

Paula Goodspeed just wanted to become famous, her brother says; "I've never known her to be suicidal"

By Whitney English Nov 13, 2008 7:55 PMTags
Paula Abdul, Paula GoodspeedSteve Granitz/ Getty Images, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The family of Paula Goodspeed is coming to her defense following her apparent suicide outside Paula Abdul's home earlier this week.

"She was not a stalker," Charles McIntyre, Goodspeed's only brother, told E! News Thursday.

McIntyre, who lives with his family in Oakland, Maine, said his sister moved to California five years ago with only one dream: to be a star. "She went down there to have a career, and when she went down in front of those American Idol judges, it was over," said McIntyre. "She was just like anyone else, trying to make it big as an actor or singer."

McIntyre said their mother and Goodspeed's boyfriend are in L.A. waiting for the body to be released from the coroner's on Saturday. The funeral will take place in Maine.

As E! News reported yesterday, Goodspeed was a fan of Abdul since she was a kid. But her brother insisted, "It wasn't excessive like they said on TV."

Despite her disastrous Idol audition and Simon Cowell's predictably withering remarks, McIntyre said he never knew his sister to be depressed. "It did hurt her feelings, but I've never known Paula to be suicidal," said McIntyre.

"She didn't have any mental problems, as far as I know," he said, attempting to refute comments made by law enforcement officials.

"My sister doesn't' have a criminal record, she's clean as clean," McIntyre continued. "She doesn't even have a traffic violation."

McIntyre said his sister claimed she had even met with Abdul personally. "She told me she had coffee with Paula Abdul at a restaurant in 2005," said McIntyre.

Goodspeed, 30, was the youngest sibling in a family of five children.

"She was a great girl," said McIntyre. "I miss my baby sister."