M&Ms Pecan Pie

Courtesy Mars Inc

Get your sweet tooth ready!

Oh, and you should probably say sayonara to your beach body diet while you're at it. That's because the newest flavor of M&Ms sounds way too delectable to pass up. The candy brand is no stranger to conjuring up delicious concoctions, with past flavors like candy corn, coconut, pretzel and mint. (Or our personal favorite, the classically simple peanut butter). So we weren't surprised at all to hear the latest addition: Pecan pie. 

That's right, M&Ms are officially channeling Thanksgiving. "But isn't it a little early for Thanksgiving food?" you might be asking. "It's only August!"

To which we say, pipe down! You can never have too much of a good thing. 

The rumors of the pecan pie flavor began circulating on Twitter after several shoppers spotted the bags at several Wal-Mart locations and the candy company confirmed the reports. It seems that the new treat is part of the brand's fall collection (yes, even candy can have fall collections), so we can expect to see them sticking around through Halloween. 

But if we've learned anything from the long gone flavors of days past, we'd advise stocking up on these bad boys if you're a fan. There's nothing worse than having a craving for a candy that's no longer available, amirite?

There's no word on when the pecan pie M&Ms will be hitting shelves nationwide, but it could be any day now so we suggest simply hitting your local stores at least once a day to check. It's not like you have a job or anything, right?

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