There are just some style trends we think we can never pull off.

For instance, how on earth do we mix and match prints as well as Olivia Palermo without looking like a piece of pop art? How do week keep it edgy like Rihanna in a sneakers-and-skirt combo? Sophisticated, we are not in socks with sandals.

These are all unlikely pairings only street style stars and celebrities can wear with confidence…until now, that is!

Celeb stylist Lindsay Albanese shared a few tricks of the trade that, yes, will help us master even the trickiest of fashion trends. Watch for all her tips above!

Olivia Palermo

Melodie Jeng/Getty Images

Printed Matter: Florals…with stripes, with polka dots, with chevron…yeah, hot mess. Instead, limit yourself to two prints max, suggested the style expert. If you're just starting to dip your toe into the mix-and-match pond, opt for prints in black and white for a streamlined statement that's just as bold.

Sneak a Peek: There's probably no look more inherently street style than a pencil skirt and sneakers—it's tomboy-chic. However, it can veer into bag lady territory without the right proportions or textures. If the skirt is flowy or billowy, then the top should be more structured, or vice versa.

Sock it to ‘Em: We're not talking about wearing gym socks and Adidas slides. For this daring fashion trend, opt for thin socks and pair it with closed-toe sandals for a prim look that'll work wonders in the fall.

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